Sunday, August 8, 2010


Nna nawa ohh. Some kind strang strange things don dey happen for this world u know. I just dey hear say there is now a way that women can turn back to virgins. So all u girls out there that have done so many bad bad things, this is ur opportunity to get involved in this movement (although i hear say na mostly hausa chicks dey do am pass shaa). This way ur future husband will think u are still a virgin. It only costs about $4000 or so...and it just involves a lil surgery in which they will stitch ur hymen , or wharever they call it sef....this way it will tear again and bleed during when having sex again. (after the surgery)
Wait oh..THIS IS AWESOME..... So some women wey don turn to point-n-kill, now have the golden opportunity to be tear-rubber again :)
Well, i guess we should clap for science.... at least for inventing an easier and smoother way for women to start lying and deceiving us :)
and also clap for the male mugus that will fall for this BULL too :)


  1. lol.... I def have a few lady friends wey go dey interested :) ...

  2. lol. This is just terrible. I bet you it will become rampant soon.

  3. wa woh.. abeg which number person go cal? u see i get this friend, and she is from morocco. well as she come yankee for school. one man come rape her, u see her wedding dey com soon. inshort e dey around dey corner.( and her people no go believe say na rape dem rape her for yankee) if her husband no see dat blood..umm he go kick her out..and her family self(chai. i dont even want to think abt it) so biko. wats the Doc"s 080?? :)