Monday, August 30, 2010


(shout out to Chichi Oji for the link)
I know this happened last week but I just felt it was mad funny eh.
So the African Women in Diaspora, (OAWDN) threatened to go on a seven-day sex strike, if Jonathan does not publicly declare his interest in the 2011 election by Friday, August 27, 2010.

“We unequivocally support the presidential bid of Dr. Jonathan and call on him to declare his interest to contest the election on or before Friday 20th August 2010; failure of which will compel the women to embark on a-seven-day sex starvation and will appeal to every well meaning Nigerian woman all over the world to join with us in the journey of sex-starvation."

SEX STARVATION KE???......HA HA HA HA ...ofcourse why wouldn't  u ladies would go on a sex starvation?... See women wey don reach their menopause dey open their mouth dey talk about sex starvation. In fact what i really want to know is if they are doing it to suffer us men...or they just doing it for their personal achievement?  cos me no just understand wetin dey happen for thia ohh. (and we all know the young Naija girls no go join to do this kind fasting, since their body too dey sweet them.)
Anyways I guess they doing it probably for the later...cos if they doing if for the former, then they don fail exam be that na  cos we men would prove that we can do without u long as our friend, aunty Palmela dey around eh :)
But seriously tho, who are these women trying to deceive?....cos i sure damn know that u can hardly see any of our African parents (late 40's and up) that are still sexually active. I never even saw my parents kiss for one day self.  Lets be for real right here u know... Having sex twice in a month for them is even too much.. I wont be surprised some of these women haven't even been touched by their significant others in a long ass time ehh. So this so called one week sex starvation should be a walk in the park for majority of them :)   nothing do una jare :)


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