Thursday, August 5, 2010


My friend just sent me a picture of this hausa couple that had their wedding in Naija. To be honest tho, at first, it was only the woman i noticed. But when i looked further and scrutinized the picture, i then noticed the exotic fruit juice.... and the bottled water....and the glass cup....and the bag...and the ribbon untop the chair  :)

Okay lemme when i looked further more, Behold, I finally i saw the groom :)  and yes you heard me right...THE GROOM

You see this na how you go take know say love dey really really blind, deaf n' dumb. Anyways Congrats to them tho.
If only u guys could imaging the kind of things running through mind head concerning these two clowns for here. Well to my own perspective, while concentrating only on their size differences, I certainly believe this is one very unhealthy relationship.  just saying shaa

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