Sunday, August 22, 2010


Nna Wetin come dey happen for Naija eh?.... Whats up with this whole suicide sh** going on these days. A 14 yr old JSS3 student just committed suicide by hanging himself at the back of his Grandma's house in Ibadan.

"Sources close to the family of the deceased told our man that he (Mutiu)] was seen with his senior sister in the morning of that fateful day and was said to have excused himself from the sister on the ground that he was going to answer the call of nature, when, in actual fact he was going to hang himself."

WHATTA HECK DOES A LIL KID KNOW ABOUT ANSWERING THE CALL OF NATURE? Do they learn these suicide stuff from western movies or what? How da heck were these kids able to tie a rope to the ceiling or wherever, and perfectly carry out the suicide procedure alone?....I'm beginning to feel there's a second party involved somehow ohh (either in the scenerio setting or brainwashing).

Abeg a thorough investigation needs to be carried out regarding these latest suicide trend among Naija children......Oh Agrrh damn, i 4got we have a decapitated police force that lack investigative i guess we would never be able to find out why :(


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