Monday, August 30, 2010


 yeah i know u guys prob asking what this pic gats do with the news..well i just felt this was the best pic that describes our forces :)
 So a Naval rating just shot a Police man to death this weekend for Port Harcourt.
Wetin cause the fight? just ordinary woman ohh.. While the police was on duty at Saipem oil (mind u he took the chick with him), the naval guy accosted him and they had a heated argument, and before u know wetin dey hapen, my guy just bring out im gun, come tear the police boy for chest. umm...... lol.... i guess it must have been really serious for the navy guy to go find the police for im work place. And just like that, a life was lost...Una dey see wetin woman dey cause? I Still dont understand why guys be fighting or killing their fellow guys just because of a women......if she cheats on you, or if she no want u, just take am with good faith and move on to the next one. shoooooooooooooo
Anyways the navy guy and the woman were both arrested.. But Nna nawa ohh....Abeg make dem free the woman jare...afterall no be her carry gun.
Anyways, as I always say...this is what happens when illiterates and touts are being recruited into the Police and military......


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