Thursday, August 5, 2010

NAIJA TO REACH 300,000,000 IN NEXT 30 YRS........NAWA OHH.

"A REPORT released by the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) yesterday indicated that Nigeria’s population would double in the next 30 years, hitting 300 million."

LOL............U see these research organizations don come again with their lies. They never come out with any realistic so so exaggeration dem sabi.... So how on earth do they want me to believe that we go reach up to 300 million in the next 30years huh? Like seriously i think a new organization should be created, with the sole purpose of checking if the people working for these organizations do smoke Indian hemp while conducting these so called researches and surveys in Naija.

Like Come On.....So now we don turn to factory wey peorson go fit dey estimate and forecast our production level?.
Although i'm sick and tired of these surveys and stuff, I still believe say if u include all the Naija peeps both home and abroad, our population go don dey reach 200million as of now.....cos only London alone self get like 10million Naija peeps :) 
 So make una 4get all that 150million people wey dem don dey tell us since 1990


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