Monday, August 2, 2010

NEW STATES AGAIN.................. BUT WHY NAH?

Some months ago, I heard our Gov't was thinking of creating new states.  I was like WTF!!!!   New states for wetin? When 98% of the already existing ones are extremely underdeveloped, lack basic social infrastructures and all that good stuff. And yet they talking about creating new states, instead of even eliminating some of the already existing ones, and finally providing good governance....which kind coutry be this self....CHAI

Well, sources has it that the new states would be announced by our Presido on October 1st, during our 50th bai-day

"Some of the proposed states include Lagoon state from Lagos; Oke-Ogun from Oyo; Oduduwa from Osun and Savannah from Borno."

HA HA ......These people must be kidding me right...... WHATTA HECK IS "LAGOON STATE" FOR CHRIST SAKE??? 


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  1. LOL alex, more states? chai my beloved country!! when we go wake up self?? anyway alex shout me out on ur post next time my man cos it's my birthday today lol, at least i'm a regular here lol i deserve it somehow haha.