Wednesday, August 25, 2010


(shout out to Hafsa for providing this pic)
You see this is what I dont understand bout all these old ass ibotic Naija men that came to Yankee during the early 80's and 90's. Firstly they want to marry a Naija girl living in Naija, then file her papers and bring her to the States. So i really wonna know whats the difference between the Naija girls already here in Yankee, and the ones living in Naija? I bet they prob feel the chicks in Naija are more reserved and their eye never tear yet...... and also you dont need to spit too much game to them.....All you need do is tell them you live in Yankee and give her some type of $1 Yankee souvenir (even if na plain  t-shirt, opener or keyholder)..then the rest is history..she go trip scatter ehh...
But the truth of the matter be say its the chicks living in  Naija that are dangerous...and when they finally get their papers and enter Yankee, their eye go tear reach their ears, and before u know it, they dump the guy's ass. So now who's the mugu?

"ability to get visa easily would be an advantage"......HA HA ...See requirements ehh

I'm just sitting here imagining what the conversation would look like if a girl actually calls that number :)
ibotic chick: "hello good morning Sa, i saw your posting in to-day paper, so I wanted to know if it is still open.
wife seeker: Yes it is. I'm still accepting appilications. So how wa uuu? tell me about yourself
ibotic chick: I am fine tank u ..but pls i dont have credit. can you call me back? or send me credit?

 u just gotta luv us


  1. Ok this was mad funny! I dont even know where to laff from...does this guy really....??!!
    BDW Alex how can one send funny stories to u? I saw one hilarious one and there is no email here listed for u. Thanks.

  2. ah thanks for looking out for me jare...abeg send any stories or pics u have to me. my email is


  3. hahahha....i laff soteyyy i fall from chair. and na gals dem dey call gold diggers. y most she be a NURSE? Y? PLS ANSA ME....he wan catch mugu...mtsss

  4. HA HA HA HA HAHA, Ryderz no go kill, my best part: "send me credit!"....very true