Monday, August 2, 2010


Okay a man in PH just sold his 42 days old baby for just  N100,000. He later got arrested by the police and he explained to them that the reason he sold the baby was because his wife's parents were asking for their daughter's bride price, and also threatening to take both the baby and the wife. So it was better for him to sell the baby.
Wetin dey really baffle me sef nah the way the guy been even they talk say the baby na some kind of merchandise or so. Well at least he didnt bring up the "it was the work of the devil" bullsh**, cos I'm sick n' tired of hearing that from all these people who are being caught after they committed some kind of crime :)

Anyways thats Naija for you. Every bad thing happens in Naija.....But at the end of the day, i will still keep on blaming our useless Leaders. Cos if u think about it, na poverty dey cause all this crimes n' stuff. If we were in a situation were the wealth of the nation is being shared among its people n' stuff, we no for dey hear all these negative news here n' there.  I certainly believe we are not bad people at all. Just that sometimes, if poverty hook u for throat ehhn, u could begin to do some things that u never imagined doing.. May God help us shaa.

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