Thursday, August 5, 2010


Okay the Anti fraud unit of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corp (NSCDC) arrested 30 guys and 39 babes who were fake corpers... chie-yaaa :(
And the worst thing be say their runs don already click oh, and they were already in camp. But na for camp wey dem come nab them. I could remember last yr march, when i did my NYSC camp in ABJ, dem been cacth like 10 fake corpers too. and the worst thing be say all of dem come be my igbo bros and sis  :)

Anyways me no really send for who dem arrest ohh, or how dem take arrest them ohh, or wharever wharever.....but my own quetion be this...... "PLS CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHY DA HECK IS THIS NYSC CRAP STILLL EXISTING? this nonsense suppose don reign pass nah.  It has served its purpose as of then...but over the past few yrs, there have been so many unecessary deaths just because of this NYSC stuff. To be honest self, i don even forget the point of the thingy self :)  cos na so so negativity that has been coming out of it over the years.
Anyways if govt want thes sheme to be successful, then they better follow my advise juo.
Step 1: The 3 weeks camp should be increased to 1 month or more.....people wey don go camp before know what i'm talking about :) 
Step 2: Then after the camp, the 1yr service should become optional.......infact wetin i dey talk self?.....The entire 1yr service bullsh** should be eliminated entirely jare :)

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