Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I dont know if u guys heard about the rumor that Obasanjo was assassinated last two days. Anyways OBJ finally came out today to refute the rumor shaa.

But before then, so tell me why my younger bros wey dey Naija, just called me yesterday for early mor mor, wey man still dey enjoy sleep....and this was the first thing he said to me
bros: O boy im get smth very very important wey i want make u do for me now now now!!!!
me: o boy u dey okay. wetin be the problem?
Bros: abeg u fit go online like right now now now?
me: okay i dey internet now...wetin u want make i check
bros: O boy abeg u fit check internet see if dem talk anything about Obasanjo's death, cos u know he was assasinated in his home.
Me: O boy u don dey krase shey?..So u call me all the way from Naija dey ask me if Obasanjo don die true true. Like say I be im paddy? infact come to think about it self, is there no cyber cafe around that area wey u dey? why u come dey disturb my sleep just because of this kind nonsense rumor...So u of all people go belief say person get mind assassinate OBJ himself?    KAI, that person no dey look face? apart from Lion (wey dey even fear sometimes), how many animals u don hear say kill Gorilla before ehn?
bros: O boy this na important news abeg. i no dey here to talk rubbish
me: Ohh so na me now dey talk rubbish, cos i dey try relate the animal kingdom to the present situation. Nna nawa to u ohh.

Its not like he cant be killed....But i just feel it will be very hard to assassinate Baba. Think about it, we talking about one of, if not, the most powerful man in Africa....coupled with loads of criminality/toutishness inside him...and as ugly as sin......so what are we talking about sef :)


  1. oh boy... srsly, cyber cafe no dey 9ja ni? ..lol.. that mofo can live or die... i doubt he'll be missed... but I doubt his power exceeds 9ja territory tho'...

  2. @taiwo trust me this guy is well respected both inside and outside Naija. Have you seen the way all these foreign leaders kiss his ass? lol