Tuesday, August 17, 2010


You see after the miracle i witnessed during the weekend, there is no way u can tell me that Baba God no dey look out for im children. If you guys could remember sometime last week, i had a post about how bad i wanted to chop cabin biscuit.
Anyways the next day, i got a message from my  Navy secondary school daughter (shout out to Nneyen Umana) asking if i really wanted cabin biscuit. and I was like SHOOOOO. hell yeah ofcourse who no go wan chop cabin biscuit in the first place? And she was like okay, i should send her my address n stuff. And I sent it to her sharp sharp......so about 4 days later, i just came back home and guess wetin i see for front door? A well wrapped package, all the way from Canada....and as i open am ehhn, Chai...i come see my two favorite red couple for the front......Infact i was way too excited and felt like a big boy jare. Afterall to ship cabin biscuit from one country to another na beans?.....answer nah?
 Anyways I devoured it real good, and also wanted to soak it too (my boarding school peeps know what i'm talking about). But unfortunately there was no powdered milk. But somehow somehow, while thinking of how to get milk, my eyes somehow came across my son's baby milk (he still had new sealed ones jare) on the top shelf........well ummmm  ummmmm.....and the rest was history :)    

Anyways the essence of wetin i dey talk be say, sometimes when u need something so bad, all u need do is ask....and it MIGHT be given to you.
and also note that results might vary, depending on how u go about asking too :)


  1. LOL!!! anything for you pops! MI wish I knew u wanted peak milk n milo tooo lol ah well next time :)

  2. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.. good things like cabin biscuit from canada..


  3. if i catch you for dat kitchen dey steal pikin milk eh, problems go dey!