Sunday, August 22, 2010


Okay the Cross River State Governent is set to re-install the nigerian flag which is located somewhere in Millennuim park in Calabar. This flag is regarded as the highest and largest national fag in Naija, and it is also the highest and largest flag in Africa. And its the second highest flag in the world.
According to Senator Liyel Imoke , the hoist machine (the thing wey dem dey operate to bring the flag up and down) will cost N4 million, while the flag itself is N100,000. .....BUT NAWA OHH... Just trying to figure out how many yards of material go cost N100,000 ke. (criminals as usual)
Anyways Umm Kudos to the Calabar Govt tho, cos the state is doing really good in terms of tourism n' stuff like that. So i'm guessing and hoping this is for some kind of tourist attraction.

But also I was just wondering......wouldnt it even be better if we were the best at providing smth very productive to the world? First, it was Independence National Cake....Now, nah Naional Flag.....Is there anything wrong with us having the world's largest food, clothing or textile production plant, instead of this BULLSH**  ?????
just wondering ohh


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