Monday, October 17, 2011


So I was on this Naija forum so, and I came across this topic...some kid talking bout how he cannot get girls and stuff...and I was like WTF????? Nothing wey person no go hear for Naija ehh...ha ha ....enjoy

Why Am I Still Single?  (AKA why cant I get p***y..ha ha )

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i dunno i know i am a fine fine boy, i work at my fathers church.

i am sensitive ,i am caring, i am protective and i am GOD FEARING AND HOLY.Every girl i have tried to wooo always just end up being turned off by me or ignore me. i even tried the internet same thing they don't like me. i am everything a girl wants and i just don't get why i can't get one.

i just hate being single ;i am so dam lonely.
i think the devil has cursed me , you since i am so holy, thats the only logical!!!! explaination.
i need your prayers

Re: Why Am I Still Single?

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Are you sure you are fine?

Re: Why Am I Still Single?

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Quote from: Kunbee on October 15, 2011, 11:16 PM

ofcourse i am fine, ppl stare at me all the time.
i am a fine fine boy

HA HA HA.....CAN SOMEONE TELL THIS IDIOT THAT PEOPLE STARE AT CRAZY PEOPLE TOO......matter of fact, the crazier you look, the more possibility of you being starred by people all freaking day. Sometimes when I come across a crazy looking individual, or someone who has some strange conspicuous stuff growing on their face or another part of their body, I just have this urge to stare at them…but with style shaa...cos It would actually look awkward if the person come catch me dey look am.

LOL @ “are you sure you are fine?” But thats a very valid question tho. Cos I dont care whatever anyone says, even if you no get good communication skills, or you get one kind bad habit that turns people off.....but as long as you be fine boy, you must get p***y somehow someday from one of those girls who just care about looks, and not giving a f**k about your personality and sh**

Therefore me too really no dey feel this guy yarning’s jare

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