Wednesday, October 26, 2011


So I'm sure most of you guys have heard of the Nollywood actor known as Tonto Dikeh. Yeah she's one of the most controversial figures in the Nigerian movie industry, cos of the type of inappropriate roles (according to some of our Naija peeps) she plays....Well, as for me, I'm sick and tired of people criticizing others. Everybody got their live to leave, so quit whining about someone else, and focus on your f**king business. Na one problem i get with Naija peeps...they always wonna be in someone's business. People dey complain say the girl movies dey too erotic and should be banned. But na the same idiots wey go hide secretly dey play that same movie for their own pleasure. So who's really the hypocrite now? smchew.

Anyways back to what I wanted to say. Yeah so the chick na krase girl for Nollywood, and she no send wetin anybody tell her ehh...and I do like that kind of attitude shaa. Anyways she just recently had a big a** tattoo one her back.

Ummmmm as for me, that tattoo is just mad wack. Whatta!!!!! First of all, the picture looks awful...secondly, whatta heck is going on in the pic? I'm sick and tired of people having a tattoo just for the sake of it. This just reminded me when I went to Naija. I was very shocked at the amount of people that had tattoo. And the most painful thing be say none of the tattoos I saw either made sense, or was of good quality. Just a bunch of stupid a** stars or heart signs on girls necks, and cross signs on the boys. My friend, Its a freaking permanent ink on your body, therefore think think think before you decided to put any stupid sh** on your body.

And is it just me or this chick na one very very unattractive individual...especially without make-up :)
Well, i guess we gotta give a big big shout out to whoever made make-up.....cos I just dey wonder how some women for survive for this kind harsh world without it. :(


  1. lol "I am sick of people criticizing others"??? but you are doing the same

  2. At least I dey criticize smth true tho. I'm not against tattoo. Matter of fact i dey think of getting one sef. But when it comes to doing dumb stuff that doesnt make sense, then i go critisize u die. There are a lot of nice tatoos out there..but as long as I dey concerned, this one no just try at all ehh :)

  3. theres nothing wrong with criticism. Someones opinion is just that "their own". In my opinion sha this is unreasonable, did she think of her career or movie roles she'll miss out on. what if she does not need this tattoo in a movie. and i dont think dey do body double in nollywood.
    she is reducing her market

  4. Emtuk.....u don talk am finish jare :)