Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Okay my guys, how many of una fit make this kind bold decision. But this ish is mad funny tho. Good job on the guys side, cos some of these babes go just dey feel like say their p***y na remote control. And to be honest tho, p***y na big remote control shaa....with 5 extra duracell battery inside am sef (you know say if you put duracell inside ordinary remote, that thing fot last till thy kingdom come sef). Cos mehn, I know one of my guys wey drive from Connecticut to Maryland just to go nack p***y......Smth wey go last for, highest 1hr, na im person drive for over 6hrs to go collect...ha ha. That one na even small sef...If i start to talk wetin p***y don make some guys do ehhn....this whole post go long well well. I've even had my own experience too. I remember when I used to date my wife. Then I had no car, but my roommate did. And when night time reach like this ehn (around that kind 12am time) I go just slowly commot my roommate key from im desk (thankGod he was a very deep sleeper) and slowly drive out with his car to go see my woman. As in ehhn, I no even sure say I been get license then...coupled with the fact say  something for my mind dey always tell me "what if my guy come wake up, come notice say I don carry im ride commot without permission.....and without having any license one me....and if Police make mistake pull me over, then me + am go enter serious yawa?" SHOOOO  But I was still adamant on going to see her, regardless of all the negative circumstances wey dey always flow for my head. I was like F**k it jare...nothing go do me in Jesus name... amim ohh.  And I did this so many times without being pulled over, or him knowing about it until I got my own car :)

Anyways back to what I was saying. Well u know its really hard for a dude to turn down punani shaa. I'm just guessing either this guy no dey feel the babe at all, and im no wan get anything to do with her...Or the guy don chop the babe before (when he was drunk) and when he became sober and realized what he just did, and whom he did it with, he was like "WTF DID I JUST DO???!!!!!"
Anyways whatever the case may be, this is mad funny tho. Its good to see a guy actually turn down punani for something else he loves doing. But trust me, it all depends on the type of punani shaa....Or you wan tell me say if person like Beyonce or Amber rose come ask the idiot that kind question, im go tell her say im dey play basketball ke?   :)
So after much scrutiny and research, Any guy you see that turns down a p***y, if you go and check well, you go find out say something dey really fishy with that particular p***y. In a nutshell, Punani get levels ;)
and I'm referring mainly to my single guys who are not in any form of relationship ohh.....make nobody come tomorrow dey talk say I dey promote adultery  for this site ohh :)


  1. LMAO@ make nobody come talk say I dey promote adultery for this site! but u dey promote fornication nwanem..!
    having sex with someone outside marriage na fornication and its equally as bad as adultery.

  2. LOL @ adultery promotion and @amim..oh hahahaha oh gosh, i don laugh tire

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