Tuesday, October 18, 2011


(Big shout out to Ajiri and the AREA team for providing such funny video)

Ok so I made a new friend called Ajiri, who works with AREA, an urban comedy outfit. Anyways She sent me an Oliver twist video which they made themselves.....and trust me, this is pure brand new comedy video.

She told me "It's our yabis opinion of the entire Don Jazzy and D'banj' "Oliver Twist" dance competition and it's called "Oliver don Twist"...... ..........ha  ha @ "Oliver don twist"...yeah I like that..lol
I no go lie, I really enjoyed the video shaa.....Its just mad funny. Just take time look the way the women their nyash just dey shake....THATS EPIC RIGHT THERE...ha ha
Overall, I do like the whole video. Its very unique, coupled with its great concept. Also, its not easy trying to do all this cartoon animation stuff on the computer ohh. Therefore I give all the AREA team, thumbs up jare. And I'm looking forward to more of you guys production in the future :)

still cant get over the nyash shaking shaa....ha ha

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