Wednesday, October 12, 2011


So for those of us wey no get Blackberry, this news is for us. Cos clearly, those who have blackberry already know the deal. Okay, so there was a blackberry outage last two days across Europe, Middle-East and Africa. It affected users for over 12 hrs. The way I knew about it was through facebook. Na so everybody just dey complain about how their bbm no dey work and stuff like that. and this na mainly from people wey dey Naija ohh. So I decided to call my man back home and ask him what’s the 411 over there. Mehn, na im my guy just dey tell me say people wey get bb just dey vex anyhow. All those “Im a big babe” chicks just dey vex anyhow. He said as much as you cannot tell who has a BB when you walking on the road (since some peeps put theirs in their pocket), but you can still identify the ones wey get BB, cos you can literally see the anger and frustration on their faces...especially the babes them. I hear say some people come dey get serious hay fever sef...and they had to rush them to clinic :)

I dont know why, but i've never been a fan of that whole BB ping thingy though. Even when I was in Naija, I tried using it for one week, and i just wasnt feeling that thing at all. I know its good cos its free and stuff...but the madness that comes with it be small oh. It just makes one very unproductive, coupled with the fact say the thing dey teach people how to puknose well well. Dont get me wrong ohh, there's nothing wrong about BBM...but its the way we Naija peeps be sodomizing it that makes it look wrong. As in ehhn, some people don ping, sotey dem fit write a full paragraph (void of spelling error) without looking at their phone. Person go wake up for morning, the first thing im go do na to ping....afternoon, ping....night, ping. SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....dem do am to una? And the extent at which girls would go in order to own a BB ehhn, infact make we no go thia sef.

Anyways, to all my BB ping users...nothing do una jare. Dey ping ping dey go.
I just dey imagine wetin go happen if our govt make mistake one day talk say dem go barn BB ping for Naija. I already see some people hanging themselves.


  1. ROFLMAO!hahahahahahahah ure too funny shey u know?

  2. LMAO! People hanging demselves...that sounds kind of realistic!

    I also wrote on this BB palava for my blog too. The thing don turn people to mobile phone zombies

  3. BB na drug to some people i swear. i no go surprise if person hang

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