Monday, October 17, 2011


I dont know if you guy saw the 2011 BET cypher, with Eminem, Joe Budden, Otis & co.    Pls if you didnt watch or hear it, pls go do so asap, and thats when you go def know say eminem na the greatest rapper alive....hands down.
Anyways back to what I was saying. So our Naija rappers decided to do their own, called "Naija Cypher" And after scrutinizing this video, I can vividly say that Modenine killed it jare....then following to M.I and Sauce Kid......As for the other guyz, I no even know wetin to talk about them. Well, I guess they wanted extra people n stuff, so they decided to call Ice Prince, Naeto C and this Xo guy. And I really dont know why Iceprince and Naeto C got so much hype....cos as long as I dey concerned, the former is just wack (na just that Oleku song still dey save im career) and the later just got poor deilivery tho. I honestly believe say MI na the only Naija rapper that can def do big things worldwide. Other than that, the rest of them na just make we use them dey compensate ourselves say "we get rappers"
But Mehnnn, this Modenine guy just paint this song black and purple ehh....never knew this guys was this nice!!
Nice stuff tho, and I give all of them props jare. Its not easy ehh.
But is it just me, or Sauce Kid got the sickest intro...the guy get swag die jare

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