Monday, October 17, 2011


So for Akwa-Ibom, one 27yr old man chopped off his half-baby brothers arm and ran away. And the reason for such action? Nobody knows :(

Mehhn I swear Naija na jungle ehh... Anything can happen to anybody at any time. Nobody can be trusted for real. Even your own family member sef

My woman come dey explain wetin she see nah:
"When I finished bathing and breast-feeding my baby, he began to sleep. I took him to bed and went into the kitchen to do some work. But his half-brother who is about 27 years old went inside and cut off his hand.

"I have not seen him since he amputated my son's right hand. I learnt he had been apprehended by the young men of the village and had been killed. This happened on Tuesday, September 27," she explained.

Well, I guess jungle justice has taken effect. Now my guy don kpemeh...But at the end of the day, he’s given that baby a big a** stigma for life. Imagine say you be this pikin, and while you growing up, you will never cease to forget the fact say na one very stupid bastard wey make you lose one of your arms. How pathetic.

And this was what our Olokpas had to say:

The Police Public Relations Officer, Akwa Ibom State Command, Mr. Onyeka Orji, said the act is a criminal offence. He stated that the police are investigating the matter, adding that the result of the investigation would prove whether Nathaniel is actually mentally deranged or not.

Is it just me or whenever an incident happens in Naija, the only thing you will hear from our police force na just 5 words….. "We Are Investigating The matter"….. Na the only thing wey this people sabi. And I can bet you say at the end of the day, them no dey investigate sh**. The last time I checked you need a group of smart peeps with great experience to carry out an investigation...and sometimes coupled with the help of technology too. But our police force is all filled with touts, hooligans and nonentities. So me come really dey wonder wetin and how dem dey take go about their so called investigation shaa. And since the Nathaniel guy don die, I'm still continuing to deeply wonder why they are still doing the investigation, and also how the outcome of their investigation will tell if he was mentally deranged or not. Infact ehhn I no just know anymore jare.

Damn Naija police ehhn...una don dey give me allergic reaction I swear.



  1. That '' We are investigating the matter'' crap drives me crazy meschewwww. God bless the baby.

  2. Your 100% right about that "we are investigating the matter" thing. smh. Who cares if the guy is mentally deranged or not at this point considering he's dead (allegedly). Him being crazy isn't going to change what happened and if he really has been killed then he's already received his worldly punishment.

  3. Thats Naija for u ehh....our gov't always trying to bullsh** us