Thursday, October 20, 2011


So me and my wife were born in awesome...shout out to all my October peeps jare...nothing does us at all at alll

Anyways we decided to throw a big fancy and classy party in our loft apartment in NYC this coming Saturday, the 22nd. We are expecting to have over 100 people show up. It’s going to be a mixture of Naija, Akata (black Americans..ha ha ), whitey, latinos...infact every race...and some of my neighbors who are celebrities, will be bringing their celebrity friends to my party too.....i feel special ehh. But as usual, na my Naija peeps go plenty pass nah. We so excited cos a lot of our friends are coming from different parts of Yankee to come for this party...even my best friend from Canada is coming through. I no fit wait ehh. And this is actually the first party we hosting that I will not be cooking anything. Since we trying to make it a fancy and classy party, we decided to have only finger foods (for those of una wey no sabi wetin be finger food, it means stuff like chicken wings, crackers and cheese, etc)

And I sent the party theme and invite on Facebook, but yet, my Naija people still dey call me dey ask if food go dey...and they mean food as in Jellof rice, plantain, soup and all other Naija dishes which i do prepare well (yes I said it, I'm a great cook...people wey don chop my food fit attest to wetin I dey talk). And I keep on telling them say Naija food no go dey ehh. Can you just imaging going to a classy party where everybody is all dressed up lookign nice...and you go just see people dey mould fufu...egusi soup stain and strands of rice go dey fall for ground..and people go just dey match am dey dirty the whole place, and everywhere go just dey smell native food native food native food.....OH NAH NAH NAH..not this time jare :)

So I don tell all my Naija peeps wey dey come say make dem no come dey think say dem go chop betta heavy food shaa...instead make dem stop for any fast-food and chop heavy first before dem come :)
Naija peeps ehhn...every time na food dey? food dey? the only thing wey we sabi ask...ha ha

But yeah I'm looking forward to see and have fun with everyone. And I'll be taking a lot of pictures and I'll post them here by next week. God is good and we should be thanking him everyday we wake up u know, cos we are not better than most of the people that are dead. So we should be thankful, happy and Jolly dey go. Nothing do us jare.

And if you live in NYC or the Northeast region, you are very much welcomed to come and have fun and enjoy a great night too. Its all luv :)


  1. take picshure for us oh!! and popsi has a package for u guys...u know who.

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