Wednesday, October 26, 2011


You know I still just dey wonder why we no dey like do things the right way. Even when it comes to ordinary costume sef. I know some of you will just look at this thing, and take it lightly...cos afterall its just a biggie shey??? Well, as for me, I no dey take this sh** lightly at all. Cos just think about this....children watch Kids television and they all know who the f**k Barney is.

Even the children wey no even get cable for their house even know who baba Barney be. They all know him as one big fat purple animal thats always having fun and singing with kids....."i luv u" "u luv me" "we are happy family" and blah blah blah blah (just wondering who made Barney feel so comfortable that he thinks he could actually call us his family...ha ha, nothing wey man no go see ehh). And mind you, these kids already know at the back of their mind what Barney looks like ohh.....Then all of a sudden, they see something looking like this just appearing from nowhere.....Or you no know say this kind thing fit affect these children psychologically?

You see one thing on tv looking like A, then when you see it in real live, it looks like Z. Come on nah. And you know say children dey very very smart, and dem no dey hide mouth. You see as no pikin even dey near the so called Barney sef. I'm sure all of them go dey tell their parents say this no resemble the Barney wey dem dey see for TV ehh....ha ha
But damn the people wey organize this thing no just try at all. See major falling of hand shaa :(
from the look of the picture, im dey like say the person wey dey inside the costume sef wan even collapse. I sure say the ventilation na die ehh...ha ha
Can we just do smth right for once?....jeeeez