Thursday, October 20, 2011

MAKE WE GO BAFF??????????????? HA HA

So I was just browsing my facebook pictures, and I came across one picture I made. Ok lemme give the story. So me and my guyzes went to Maryland to go spend the weekend with one of our other guyzes. So basically whenever we go down there for the weekend, all we do is chill, booze and smoke our precious weed all freaking day...and I mean as in blazing back to back ehh. So night time come dey reach, and we were suppose to go out to one Naija party like that. But the problem come be say none of us done baff, talkless of even to dey ready. So me thinking I was the only one in the right mind, I now told them "guys make una do make we go baff commot here nah"  And the whole place was silent for about 2o seconds, and all my guyzes were just staring at me like ??????????????????????????    and I still didnt know why they were looking at me...i thought they were just so high and didnt know what they were doing. So I repeated the same thing again "make una come make we go baff na, cos time don dey go"  Then all of a sudden, dem just start to dey bust laugh...and I was like "wetin dey amuse una nah?" "which kind laughing jackass be this one sef?"....make we go baff dey commot here jare."
 Then one of them now told me oboy nawa 4 u ohh...which one come be "make we go baff ke?" "You and who dey go baff ehn?"  Then my other guy come talk "I don dey always suspect say this boy na gay man"....... ha ha. And they were just yabbing me left right center. But I didnt still see anything wrong with what I said shaa. And I told them "is there anything wrong with us going to take a bath and getting set for the night?"  Na im these give tear laugh scatter. Then they later told me "o boy go baff alone jare." "shey you dey find person wey you wan chook for shower?"...ha ha

Anyways all my friends both male and female do call me gay, cos I actually be doing some really gay stuff tho, and I no send for anybody ehh. But they all know say I sabi play too much.
So after that, they started using that whole stuff to make fun of me. So I decided to make a picture of me and them (and also included a few other guyz that i belief they wanted to joing the baffing party) all having fun in a jacuzzi, touching each other in a happy way.

Shout out to my guyzes  that were in my Jacuzzi party...Ekene, Taiwo, Mukki, Onye, Paul, Mohammed, Akwasi, Onye and Emma.

WONNA SEE THE PICTURE? THEN CLICK ON THE "READ MORE" BUTTON BELOW. And I beliefe I'm the one having the most fun, sticking out my tongue, happy as f**k, and sying hey to the camera....ha ha. I'm just too much for my own self jare.

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