Saturday, April 10, 2010


Ok this is just very disturbing....what is going on in our land?
Last week, and 82 yr old man was arrested by the Ekiti State Police Command for allegedely deiling a 13 yr old girl....

He was a meguard at the Ekiti Cinema, and he told daily sun that he knew the girl on a spot where she sold banana close to hos work place. He used money to lure the girl to his work premises at night, and began the sodomy.

Another 33 yr old man was also involved in defiling the girl, but he said he never used force, cos the girl was cooperative....He said when he came out of the cinema, the same girl came up to him and was razzling him...and b4 u know it, he took the girl home, gave her 200 Naira, and the girl complied with him

You know i'm beginning to have the feeling that this 13 yr old girl has been doing this for a while without anyone knowing. She accuse the 33 yr old man of later duping her of 50,000 naira of her sales of her bananas
WAIT A MINUTE...WHEN DID BANANA HAWKING BECOME SO LUCRATIVE THAT ONE  CAN MAKE UP TO 50,000 NAIRA.....ok there's def. something wrong going on here....and either this girl, or this man should tell us the truth, cos both of their stories no hold weight at all.

Anyways one thing i do hope is that mr grandaddy should die in prison, while the later should have some serious sentence...and as for that girl......Infact her P**** should be sewed up....Period!!!!!

(daily sun)

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