Thursday, April 29, 2010


One thing I know for sure is that we Nigerians are very smart and innovative people, but the problem is that a lot of us use our smartness to try beat the system, instead of using it for smth positive.

Anyways incase you're wondering, this is a locally redesigned Volkswagen beetle which was displayed at the 12th edition Abuja car show. The producer/designer is Mr. Mohammed Modibbo, a 42 yr old panel beater from Benue state. It took him 2 yrs to finish pimping this ride AKA Modibbo Wagen, turning the traditional two door beetle to a four door.

Umm Is it just me, or this ride kinda looks like a Bentley?

Anyways uncle Modibbo carry go jare..You have certainly made we Nigerians proud by doing smth innovative and positive.......I dey feel your car die ehh

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