Thursday, April 29, 2010


I'm just too happy ehh...Its like good news just dey come out from Naija (for the mean time shaa).

If you guys could remember, I put a previous post about this fool, and hoping that he would be sacked.
Well the time don reach ehh.

"Yesterday, Mr. Goodluck Jonathan finally told uncle Iwu to go on a pre-disengagement leave with immediate effect"

Nawa ohh all this big big word self...ABEG THE MAN HAS BEEN SACKED JARE....i no know bout pre-this or pre-that leave.

It was about time, cos this vagabond right here made INEC even worse during his 5 yr tenure......bye bye Uncle Iwu.

Hopefully Jonathan would replace him with the right man for the job......RABIDU :)

Umm I'm really really liking this Jonathan dude for real....anyways make we dey fold our hands and legs, and see if he would be our Naija messiah.



  1. I don't like the guy myself, but NAWA4U jo! The guy aint that bad, like somany others who are being controlled by demon possessed kins men. Cut this dude some slack though, its hotter inside. For what its worth the guy actually had a very good blue print which was buried by baba for some selfish and nationwide reasons. Anyway, enough of crying over spilt garri the guy don go. Meanwhile ur blog makes an interesting read.

  2. Bob i dey hear u self no just like the guy at face especially dey make me remember smth bad for some reason....but yeah baba messed him up