Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Okay i know things are very hard for our people back home and stuff, and some people are willing to do anything to come into the USA......Bringing native doctors or pastors to the embassy premises in order to do voodoo or pray while the interview is going on; forging passports; lying during embassy interviews, and even traveling to other countries, in order to get US visa from those countries n' stuff

BUT THIS ONE RIGHT HERE IS THE CRAZIEST OF IT ALL.....I never knew it was that serious for some people to enter Yankee......HABAA

Anyways, Mr. Emeka Okechukwu Okeke tried to enter the US in James Bond style. He successfully beat the Murtalar Mohammed airport security system, and made his way to the tarmac....and guess what he did next?.......My guy go enter inside the tire compartment of the Delta Airlines flight heading for Atlanta, US. His mission impossible was looking kind of possible shaa, not until the plane landed in Atlanta, and the ground staff of the airline noticed the pieces of flesh and blood around the tire. Then they later found our uncle Okeke's body inside one of the tire compartments. When the news got back home, his family and friends where shocked cos my guy been tell them say im been dey travel go yankee..but he failed to tell them he would be traveling with style, using the lower compartment class...CHAI

Some security officials were arrested in order to know how the deceased got into the tarmac....it was during this period that someone who pleaded for anonymity told Saturday Sun that Mr. Okeke was "bad luck", cos many people have been smuggled out of the country like that....WHATTA???? He also revealed that people who needed such service had to pay up to N800,000 (i guess to the security and people guarding the plane) and also being tutored on how to survive while inside the plane tire.....they would be given blanket and winter coat in order to keep them warm....lol...and when they get to the US, an agent will be there to receive them and get them into the country..

WOW...so this is actually real...infact kudos to those people that have successfully entered yankee through this system....I know it's kind of embarrassing, but abeg if any of una been enter yankee like this, just message me so we can discuss about your experience...I swear and cross my heart it will be between me and you alone :)

BUT DAYUM, PEOPLE GATHER LIVER OHH...especially my igbo bros and sis them :)

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