Tuesday, April 20, 2010


You know i've always laughed at their slogan which says "The Nigerian Police is your friend" cos even a non-living creature know wetin dey ground.

If some of you guys could remember, this video was posted sometime in February showing the Nigerian police and military units carrying out extra-judicial killings last year in the aftermath of clashes with members of a Muslim group in the north of the country. This is vividly the most disturbing and gruesome murder scenario I've ever seen. 

Well after much national and international outrage over the video, 17 police officers have been arrested and facing trial for their involvement in the incident.....And they better be facing nothing less than a death sentence.

You see, this video clip is nothing compared to what many innocent Nigerians suffer in the hands of our bush, uneducated and unexposed so called Nigerian Police Force.

You see its very baffling to know that any Naija citizen out there can join our Nigerian Police force, without any type of screening or requirements.
Well what else do we expect when such Hooligans and Vagabonds are given armed riffles to carry around......

Nigerian Police Force = Psychia Hospital

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