Saturday, April 3, 2010


The first time I saw this song was when I was in London, and I was like "ha ha no he didn't," this guy is a clown. But on the other hand, he is really speaking the truth about what happens in a lot of homes in Naija :)   as in housegirl patrols :)

The document, which was signed by the commission's zonal director, Ojone Otonoku, said the song and its video were banned because "of its graphic description of sexual scenes and expression not presented with fact and discretion. Stations are therefore requested to immediately stop further broadcast of this musical and air only a broadcast version (if any)..."  (
So wait ohh....Uncle Otonoku, What about all the Yankee hip hop videos playing in our Naija cable channels, displaying a hand full of booty-full honeys seducing us on tv? why dont you ban those explicit videos too, Mr tough guy!!  Or your mind no reach you? 

Femi's - beng beng; Idriss - Jaga Jaga; Konga's - baby Konga; 2face - enter the place; D'banj - Suddenly....and now Maye Hunta's Ekaette, have all been banned by the NBC.
Anyways one thing I know for sure be say those days of Ebenezer Obey, Majek Fashek,  and Onyeka dem don pass....Its 2010 baby, so if u cant stand the heat......then get the hell outta the kitchen jare.....HYPOCRITES :)

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