Saturday, April 10, 2010


The only reason why I will not say anything bad about Mercy Johnson is because she was like my school Mother back in Navy secondary school, PH. So me and her are kool peeps.
But she has recently complained that she has lost a lot of endorsements and stuff due to the bad press, which she said has not been helping her career. She complained to have lost a deal worth N50 million with a telecommunication company as a result of the negative reports published against her.
She also said that those who are not happy with her current status should have a rethink because it was God that lifted her up....umm senior mercy what do you actually want them to rethink about?..... just wondering shaa
Well, Senior Mercy I will certainly agree that u have really had a bad reputation out there, and it will be hard to forget about all those crazy headlines that you made. You know me and a lot of Naija peeps out there love your movies and your body...I mean no offense to the face tho. Anyways just try to be good, and if you need any advise, I'll be there for you...After all what are friends for..

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