Friday, April 23, 2010


You see as the day goes by, i dont even know what to believe about tis whole Yar' Adua story. First he went to Saudi for a minor check up; No Nigerian hears from him during his stay there; We later hear he's in comma; next thing we know he addresses Nigerians through BBC; He finally gets back into Naija in the most fishiest way ever; Got back to Naija and still havent addressed the masses.

"Ailing President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua sprang a surprise on the nation last night when he came down from his room upstairs at the presidential villa in Aso Rock. Daily Sun exclusively gathered that the President, for the first time since he was brought back into the country, visited his study room at about 7.30pm last night and was expected to stay there until about 10pm.  (YEAH RIGHT)
Hints about President Yar’Adua’s imminent return was given earlier yesterday by his cousin, Architect Ahmed Yar’Adua, while speaking to Correspondents. He emphatically said his cousin was recuperating fast and would soon return to office."

 Ha ha... no be today wey we don dey here all this fairy tales jare....Na so dem been tell us last two months say Yar' Adua don dey go gym, dey lift weight, dey run for treadmill, and he'll be back in office asap....Is it just me or every other Nigerians have totally forgotten that this man even exists?....

(daily sun)


  1. lmfao. He even looks like a living corpse. eww

  2. Lol!! Agree with above. The man has the look of death.