Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Former Military Administrator of Delta state, Col. John David Dungs has finally brought up an idea, which I've actually thought about earlier this month.

He told Daily Sun that a Goodluck Jonathan/Nuhu Ribadu ticket would be the best for Nigeria today.

He further stated "Nigerians are no longer interested in those who have made trillions, but in those who would make them worthy to be called human beings by creating conducive environment for people to earn a living."

Uncle Dung how the hell were you thinking what I was thinking?.....you are really a genius....this is just fantastic....I mean this is wicked awesome..... In fact I support you 200%. I think I'm already in love with you just for this lil statement you just made (no homo shaa). 

Well I'm so happy someone finally stood up to tell it like it is. 
I dont know about you guys, but as for me, I would really love to see these chairmen on the same ticket, cos they will be unstoppable, as well as help change our country for good.

Just speaking from my own perspective shaa

(daily sun)

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