Thursday, January 13, 2011


HA HA I guess the pic is self explanatory. U see If to say na for the western world, after scrutinizing their comparisons, i swear Atiku will not even have any chance of winning our uncle Goody Goody. But guess what????....Na Naija we dey ehh!!!...this kind tactics dem no dey too work for hia. Matter of fact, in Naija, nah even the people wey no go skul dey usually win political seats pass.

Although me dey get double mind about this our uncle Goody, but at the same time i gotta give this guy probs jare. He's the only politician to actually go through these various positions without even contesting or lobbying for them  for even one day. Thats the reason i feel this guy was destined to get this job. Although i dont think he's the messiah of Naija, but I strongly feel he's like John the baptist, who's coming to pave the way for our messiah (next presido).

But dayum.....what i still dont understand is "How da heck did Atiku even got a VP role" :(
Diploma in Hygeine? lol


  1. Ask me ooooooooooooo!! how did he get VP???
    Chai.. ure so right.. it is always the uneducated that get to Win. God help us.

  2. i asked d same thing wen i bought dat n/paper

  3. He just lost the primaries, even in his own state of Adamawa, the constituents preferred Jonathan. Well maybe it's time for him to go rest on the money he's embezzled in the past.

  4. it's pretty obvious he didnt know what he was getting himself into.