Tuesday, January 4, 2011


So an emergency meeting was held this week in Abuja by our one and only uncle Goodluck. The so called meeting was just to talk about the rate of this whole bombing bullsh**t going on all over Naija, as well asfinding the best solution to eliminate this nonsense. So finally the best idea they made was to create a new position called "Anti-Terrorism Chief"
I would really really luv to know whatta heck this so called person would actually be advising the president. To my own perspective, this is just another way of wasting money, paying huge sum of salary to people who barely do crap. I no ust understand sef...why cant a a group of people from the Army be chosen and trained in regards to combating this so called Terrorism stuff (and yes i decided to skip the police cos i beleieve say by the time those olokpas get all the training and knowledge needed, Terrorism for Naija fit go done be old news nah)......So i dont think there's need for all this new creation n stuff.
Uncle Goody I know u are doing everything possible to make sure that we luv u...but u no need to over do am nah.....me no just dey understand some kind decisions and statements wey u don dey make for a while now ohh. Anyways me go dey take eye dey look u from far shaa :)


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