Thursday, January 20, 2011

WHAT IF...............

Sometimes when u look at the type of risks that we be taking in Naija ehnn..then u go know say we are just living by His Special Grace. Just like seeing 5 people untop one okada, Conductors holding the side of the bus while in motion, eating bukka without knowing the source of their water, sucking fuel wth ur mouth, pot-holes for airport runway, overloading a car, those people wey dey carry hyena as pets, driving super fast when u know our roads are horrendous....infact im plenty ehh...

Okay just take a look at this scenerio right here. I'm sure we all see this as a normal thingy and nobody even send. But this na the last thing wey u go ever see for any wetern world. What if something enter one of that ram head, and it decides to jump out of that Hilux, thereby causing some type of accident or so. Or what if that ram wey dey near that man just suddenly use im horn push my guy commot for the hilux?  There are so many what "ifs" to be asked in a lot of risks that we take.

We are so so zero proactive when it comes to security and safety issues......umm infact all issues jare :(

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