Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I Dont know if some of u know this girl sef...anyways she goes by the name Sasha, and she claims to be a good Naija female rapper. As for me, i've only heard one of her songs sha....and dont get me wrong i was a lil lil bit impressed tho :)
Anyways she recently posted in her tweet that entertainers should have their own private plane. This was as a result of the frequent cancellation of flights and delays tho.

“Maybe we need an airline strictly for entertainers…hmmmm soul plane or pigeon plane? Air traffic is seriously needing a Brt (BRT) lane!”

 But Nawa ohh.....cos u don rap and feature for a couple of songs, and now u considering urself an entertainer?...Enter-wetin? u see this na the problem with all this upcoming Naija entertainers wey never go anywhere yet.  Anyways shey entertainers should have their own private plane huh..then go buy one nah..wetin u dey wait for?
Nna ehhn..nothin wey person no go see or hear from some of these our local champions these days oh....When people like the Adenuga's and the Dangote's suppose dey talk about private plane, then housegial wan follow talk join.............DUMB ASS CHICK :)


  1. I'm not sure you got your facts right o... I don't like her music much but one thing she's not is upcoming... She has been in the game for a really long time o and recently just won the best female act in the just concluded MAMA awards (not that I agree sha)... I don't think there's anything wrong in the statement she made though... Believe it or not she's an entertainer and makes good money from it... She didn't say for her to buy her own plane, she said for the industry to have an airline.. nothing wrong with that at all...

  2. My facts are very right ohh...all i did was just add a lil sense of humour to it...ofcourse i know Sasha's not an upcoming artist, and at the same time she's not a known artist too. Thats a fact for sure. So i'm just wondering why she would make such comment. If she now becomes as famous and wealthy as the P-squaes, the tuface, Timaya..then who know wetin she go talk or even do next????? So thats why i find her statement absurd and insultive

  3. Anonymous MIGHT be right bros...am no fan of her music nor style though you said some truths.

    in btw...pls this masquerade of the week is scaring me big time o!....seriously.... *laughing*

  4. sis i dey feeel both u and anonymous opinion for real.
    And yeah the thing is scaring me too ohh....esp when u trying to comment and all u see on the right is a very disturbing face. kinda uncomfortable ...ha ha

  5. LOL!
    WTH?These Naija artists must be on some crack or something oo.So ho ill pay for the soo called entertainers plane? The government? Please we have bigger problems to worry about than you missing your flight sasha..No one really cares..

  6. Lol @ Sasha the industry should have flights for just celebs. That's nice but i guess all u so-called celebs better fund that shit and catch ur plane...Don't complain when ur money is short, then u complain ur label company drove u to bankruptcy...(lol this i go like see)

    But then again u and other celebs that might agree to the FANTASIZED BULL SHIT THOUGHT of urs will just make yourselves target to anything...(and u know)

    In the mean time u can do like the celebs here hire or buy a nice ABC type bus and customize it to ur taste then u can travel from Abuja to Lagos at ur own comfort but for more hours...

    am just saying.....also no one gives a crap cos whatever u perform people still have to purchase the damn ticket....so go relax and drink some KOOL AID

  7. HA HA HA ....i'm so happy i'm not the only one that feels this way

  8. abeg o... i sabi the chick well well na'... and if you sabi am, u'll luv her too.. mad chill and fun loving... I'm sure she didn't mean to sound all sassy and conceited :) ...

  9. Tee tog you sabi the chick. Pls send me her control. I don dey find this babe for a while now. lol.na my old classmate

  10. Alex na, cut her some slack. She cant be a dumb ass for expressing her mind na. And all I can see is a kind of sense of humour to downplay her frustration in that twitter message. May be we are seeing things differently.