Monday, January 17, 2011


U see na this kind things dey actually make me wonder when our spell will be broken. WTF is a spiritual soap for goodness sake? So they trying to imply that if u use this nonsense to bath, then evil spirit no go dey follow u again or wetin sef? On a very serious note, Naija is one of the countries with the  most ignorant people. I no just know why we too dey carry this whole christian/spiritual thing to the next level. And the thing wey dey pain me be say a lot of these same ignorant people have been exposed to education, technology and the realities of life..but yet they choose to remain ignorant/foolish.

U see if its all those illiterates/touts that buy this soap, i no for too send (cos its not their fault) But what makes me go nuts be say na the people wey get even up to a Matsers degree and PHD go dey patronize this bulll#%@. When shall we get out of this curse that has been laid on us ehh? Wetin be this? Maybe it would have been nice to have a section on the pack where they would write "results might differ depending on the last time u sinned"........


and let me make this straight right now....if u my friend, and u have this crap sitting somewhere in ur toilet, or if u've ever thought of buying this piece of sh** before.....then pls pls pls dont f#$%@  talk to me anymore. thanks.
(ha ha ...see as devil dey run with im knife for the pic....funny ass clowns)


  1. Welcome to the real world. I have since distiguished between school education and education of the mind.


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