Thursday, January 27, 2011


So our uncle Jonny just made some appointments recently

Hon. Kingsley K. Kuku as Special Adviser, Niger Delta Affairs;

Amb. (Dr.) Zakari Ibrahim as Coordinator, Anti Terrorism;
Mrs. Bianca Ojukwu as Senior Special Assistant, Diaspora Affairs; and

Oyewole Olugbenga Leke as Senior Special Assistant, Maritime Services.

Okay i think this guy is messing up big time now....Okay Ojukwu is in comma and might not make it and all that, and i know u trying to find a way to get the igbo votes and stuff like that....but i certainly dont think putting this lady will make any difference or change anything. I cant even imagine anyone happily going to vote for Uncle Jonny all because he appointed Ojukwu's wife. (well u never know cos some us us usually think with our a**holes)

Uncle johnny u no just try at all for this one...very lame ass tactics........infact WTF is her role in this whole Diaspora Affairs fuckery? what affairs will she be diasporing sef?


she's beautiful shaa :)


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