Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I swear we Nigerians (and prob some other Africans) are very special type of humans.....Why is it that anytime I decide to use my hard earned money to buy a calling card to call someone back home, and all u gonna hear is them whining about how "u have 4gotten about them".......and the painful thing be say dem no go even gree make u talk sef, although u no owe anyone any explanation tho. Na so so complain complain dem go just dey spice for ur ear.

And before u even know it, the card wey u buy don dey finish for ur eye.....and thats when they will now switch to the next statement of "U are just enjoying alone and u left me hear"....WTF????? for real tho, so what makes u think i'm enjoying alone ke? cos i dey Yankee?...only if people back home knew how hard life is overseas. But when u tell person, dem no go wan gree :(

It just surprises me how different people all keep on saying this same verses when u call them. play play play play, money don finish for ur phone card, without u even asking the person "how u dey" :(

U see i'm still trying to figure out how these people just come up with such conclusions about u forgetting about them and enjoying urself alone.....i just tire ehh

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