Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I just heard a 25 yr man named Godwin Aboye, has been sentenced to a 10 days imprisonment in Abuja for realeasing semen on a female in a queue at a village somewhere in ABJ......ha ha ha  see levels ehh

According to the police/olokpa prosecutor (thee clowns ehhnn), while in a queue at ECWA church for voters registeration, my guy indecently brought out his reproductive organ and pressed it against the complaints buttocks.

“You indecently pressed your manliness against her buttocks and in the process released your sperm and stained her dress without her consent,’’ Odofia said.

Ummmm...abeg make nobody blame my guy jare. U see this incident just reminds me of tapping of current those days in primary and secondary school :)   Nothing dey sweet pass when u use style to make ur body come in contact (even if na partial or impartial contact) with a chick in class....and the sweetest part na if u dey tap current from the chick that u are actually dying for.......that thing dey sweet scatter ehh. And i'm sure its vice versa too, but the girls always wonna make it seem like say na only boys dey tap current :)
So can u now imagine if u are in my guy's situation? You are in a tight queue (u know as Naija queue dey nah....no space whatsoever) and some lady (who probably own a fat and watery/softy nyash) dey right in front of u :(
Ofcourse as a guy, u must get a bone nah.....but in terms of releasing semen in the process????..well i dont know bout that one shaa.....i'm guessing that my guy get some real issues jare
But hey, at least one thing he know for sure is that after all is said and done, "HE STILL BUSTED A NUT".....ha ha


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