Friday, January 21, 2011


WHY ON EARTH WOULDNT YOU BE HAPPY WHEN U HAVE THIS TYPE OF MEAL ON UR TABLE HUH?.........See chow the the fullest ehh. this is actually my first time seeing Indomie, egg and snail join ehh.....very wierd, but looks very very seductive shaa. This just reminded me when i was in Abuja last yr for my NYSC bullcrap. Mehnnn na there wey i come know say different levels dey when it comes to making indomie and egg ehh. I'm sure everyone who lives, or have spent quite a while in Abuja knows where Wine Shop dey (my favorite Naija pre-club joint). Anyways there's this indomie joint close to Wine Shop. To be precise the joint is opposit Excelexio (The capital of ashewo/legebu joint in ABJ).

So after having some drinks at Wine Shop, boys come dey hungry like krase. So one of our men now took us to that idomie joint. Men no be small thing wey i see for thia ehh. As in real professional indomie makers ehh. Some of them done even upgrade from using stove to even using Gas cooker for faster service. I swear when i ate that joint, i immediately became sober sharp sharp. It felt so good that i even had to go there the next night to go make sure say no be my drunkness been make the indomie sweet the last night. Wonna know smth funny? The Indomie was so good that i even took the guy's contact sef (na one calabar guy so....u know say nah those people dey cook scatter pass for Naija). So as i'm loking at this right now, all i just think of i that calabar boy's indomie only :)
Good Bless the people wey make indomie for real.....and also bless all the people (esp hausa and calabar peeps) wey get the talent to make it so good that it even looks better than the picture on the indomie pack :)


  1. Please biko can u explain the "naked shoulder riding" pissure?

  2. LMAO mizchif na runs people be that nah.....if u need man or woman for pleasure, then u gats call them..that Naija for u ehh...