Monday, January 3, 2011


So late last week in Port Harcourt, a woman was said to have given birth to two identical padlocks....umm to be honest i would have actually luved to LOL about this ridiculous story, but at the same time, this na serious issue ohh.

Although facts of the unusual delivery remained sketchy as at press time, it was gathered that the ‘mother’ and the padlocks had been taken to an undisclosed church for prayers.

Sources told Daily Sun that the expected joy of a mother and her husband turned to overwhelming pain and embarrassment when after a protracted labour, the woman delivered the two strange objects. After the initial shock and confusion, the husband of the woman was said to have contacted the leadership of his Pentecostal church for spiritual advice.

LOL @the mother and the padlocks.

U see if u tell someone people this story, the gone think that u probably high or smth. I would have also thought the same way if someone actually told me this bullcrap. But if not that I've lived in Naija and seen some realy crazy ass incidents myself, i no for even believe this kind story. This is what u call "wickedness in high places"..and later everyone begins to wonder why we not moving foward as a nation :(

but umm...some of these stories ehhn...nawa oh..padlock ke???..ha ha



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