Tuesday, January 11, 2011

WHY THIS BABE DEY F@#% UP NAH????????? :)

Guys make una meet miss Beverly Naya. So i been hear say this babe is an upcoming actress for Naija. She spent her life in London, but now back to the Mother land to pursue her acting career. Thats good of her tho.
Anyways let me not get distracted jare..ehennn as i wanted to say.....so the babe was recently interviewed n' stuff....so as uaual nah, our Naija Interviwes can never be complete without they ibotic interviewer asking the interviewee about their love life (we too like to pucknose ehh)
Anyways this was her answer to the question:

“It’s my career at the moment. Of course, men come in droves, both with genuine intentions and ulterior motives, but I found out that the best thing at the moment is to be in a relationship with my career.

Distraction should be the last thing on my mind at the moment and dating now is just a form of distraction especially at my age. Aside that, if I was in a relationship with a guy probably based in London because that is why I have greater part of my life and I’m here in Nigeria pursuing my career, that would be a very selfish act and I’m not raised to be selfish.”

My friend go and sitdon somewhere jare....as far as we guys are concerned, u are being severely selfish right now.... so dont tell us that nonsense. How this babe go talk say dating nah form of distraction for her age...at 22 KE? nawa to her ohh.
Anyways looking at the trend of interviews with these Naija entertainers, i don notice say majority of them just dey lie anyhow cos dem sey for front of camera...so they want to say smth that will make them look like a good boy or gial. How this grown as woman want make we believe say no guy dey service her sef....
Infact since u have decided not to share fruit basket with us, then just Go jare....we guys no send for u.
What a waste of mout/lips ....smchew :)


  1. Ok make this Babe stop to dey lie abeg....From stories i dey hear about London about dating and the whole 9yards. It's a distraction my ass.....if one of her friends decide fall her hand now story go change ......

    Distraction if people like Banky, MIA or Dbanj come make i hear say she no gree. NA she go say make we date on the DL (down low) cos no body has to know...make she go sleep abeg and check herself b4 she answer question like that...

    The best answer for stuff like that is oh "i keep my love life a secret".....Gbam..then u make it interesting for media to chase if ur worth their attention self.

    So even if u get person or not make people dey wonder...Abi she no dey read paper or watch tv to hear wetin REAL CELEBS dey talk...eg Beyonce and Jay-Z

  2. When Punch newspaper asked the late Gani Fawehinmi why he was leaving in a separate house from his wives, he said he did that to avoid distractions. This lady story isn't that different really. Perhaps some people see love, relationship, marriage as distractions at some point in their lives. Afterall not everyone can multi-task- lol

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