Thursday, January 6, 2011


I'm sure some of u guys are either fans or members of this criminal right here. But not i'm just gonna speak my mind like i always do, and tell it like it is :)
So my man for Naija just told me that on new yrs eve, he was going to Christ Embassy church to celebrate the new yr. And when he he got there,  guess what happened?? "THEY WERE CHARGING N1000 FOR ENTERING THEIR CHURCH FOR THE NEW YRS EVE SERVICE" and their reason was cos the seats weren't enof.....WTF???

And about 25,000 peeps attended the we talking of N25 milla...and this no include the offereing and other bullcrap ohh.
U see this is why i stay away from all these Naija churches. Now pls tell me whats the difference between this and a 419/Yahoo-Yahoo boy huh? This is literally day light robbery for goodness sake. U know sometimes i feel that members of most of this fake ass churches have been hypnotized by the pastor or smth...cos how will someone in their right thinking mind actually pay 1k to enter a church service????? On no circumstance should anyone pay any sort of money to serve the Lord.
Its like some of these churches were the pastors were caught doing smth totally againts what they preach (eg. like the incident were that pastor in Lagos burnt two of his members alive, or other incidents were pastors sleep with their members wife) But what surprises me the most is that some members still go to this same churches regardless. And u telling me smth isnt wrong somewhere??? and u see thats why we cannot move forward as a nation, cos some people see black and call it white.  Sick n tired of all these fake ass pastors stealing from the poor. F@#king Criminals.........seriously this type of shyt just pisses me off for real.


  1. me i don provoke tire my bros!..infact i don rant for all the blogs na carry this news but my steam neva finis!..shioooooooooo!......which kin brainwashing be this abegi?...& some people are saying we should not judge! Some, said he needed the money to complete the construction of the auditorium he is building. Some said pastor chris preaching worth the 1k sef!...can u believe such arrant nonsense! me i don tire for all these our churches sef!....THE CHURCH IS THE SHEPHERD WHICH OUGHT TO TAKE CARE & LOOK AFTER IT'S FLOCK! BUT IT'S THE REVERSE WE ARE SEEING IN THESE OUR SO-CALLED CHURCHES! LORD HAVE MERCY & DELIVER THE DIM-WITTED XTAINS THAT CAN'T READ THEIR BIBLES BUT BE CARRIED AWAY WITH IS ELOQUENCE & FAKE MIRACLES!!!!!...mschewww.

  2. OMG this is too funny my brother the thing tya man pickin. I mean when i lived in Benin any small space don turn church for there.
    And this criminal whey u post need to be arrested. En dey do all miracle and thief money well well. How u go cure BLIND person whey never see b4 and the reaction no be the kind whey we see when Jesus turn water into wine or put back the guards ears that were cut off by his disciples for film...

    My cousin dey go en church...dem go tell dem to plant seed that will grow meaning give everything u have even if na the last money u get, then another person go come plant seed to give u more than what u got....Please tell me if this no be thief work.....I know for bible dem say give God 10% this thief dey collect 110%...100% for him if possible en go fit give God 2%....Dem need kidnap am jare enuff money go comot,,,,lol

  3. HA HA HA HA ...two of una don kill me with laugh ehh.....But on a serious note, these guys need to be arrested, or even kidnapped sef, cos this is just absolutely ridiculous. Almost all of these Naija pastors are focused mainly on material things...But i just dont understand why people still flock into these fraudulent churches. Its just absurd for real.

  4. wow! Is this real? I read it somewhere but thought it was one of those jokes..
    WOW!I am tired of 9ja churches mehn. 97% are NOT REAL!

  5. maybe Chris was not even aware of this in his church.Please lets be careful the way we talk aba our Anointed men of God.

  6. @ the last anonymous. pleassssseeee give me a break!anointed ke? that's how these pastors rob their church members blindly and the idiots keep saying he's anointed.
    shebi this same pastor chris is being investigated for money laundry ($350,million) i believe. bloody thieves.

  7. @ Anonymous thank you most of these pastors are criminals. Yes he is being investigated for $35 million money laundry; so they are trying to get the paper work. This na real Anointed thief.....

    I have a friend i went to school with that is a Pastor at Christ Embassy, this criminal dey send 600 pounds for Brazilian hair while en mama need money for kata kata come burst btw her and the person whey dey do business.

    And the person report am to her sister for UK....the sister say where is she getting the money from???????????? say her mama ask her for money but she no get but her sister dey send 600 pounds for Brazilian hair.....this na church money or en dey date senior pastor...

    All of dem including their Head Pastor need investigation....I even hear this my same classmate come London with enuff money and bin wan go HARRODS to shop....i hear that store dey cost like fire......

  8. alex what evidence do u have that ppl actually paid???i heard of many that went and didnt pay so why open ur mouth and chat shit....anyway i'm out of this ur unknowntryingsohardbutgettingnotattention blog,bye


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