Monday, January 31, 2011


I'm sure we have all heard about the crazy crazy crazy turmoil going on in Egypt right now. Well as far as i'm concerned i think people are beginning to wake up from their long ass sleep. At first it was Tunisia, then now Egypt...then who knows which country would be next. Its about time people stood up to say smth about how the are being ruled jare. Cos how da hell could one person dey for govt for decades ke...only in Afirca sha.

Anyways back to what i wanted to say.....So our uncle GEJ just recently ordered the immediate evacuation of Nigerians in Egypt.
Umm i gats LOL for this kind news jare.....

So my guy dey actually tell Naija peeps for Egypt to start to dey come back home? U see i'm very happy he actually made such a great step, cos this certainly shows that he has the Naija peoples interest at heart....but come on lets face the fact..una think say these Naija peeps wey dey for there go even listen to wetin uncle Johnny dey jabo? So im dey try convince Naija man wey don suffer to get visa to commot for Naija to come bak home and suffer?...ha ha ....come back come do wetin sef? I can guarantee u that none of the Naija peeps wey dey for Egypt go gree come back.

Anyways Uncle Goody i got an idea for ya..why dont u evacuate everybody wey dey for Jos first..then after that we go talk about Egypt. Cos as far as I'm concerned there is no war in Egypt. Just a people protesting for a regime change...period!!!
U see this our uncle don dey follow the footsteps of im oga, OBJ. Na them dey like to do Captain Planet when it comes to foreign issues...but to solve the problem wey dey for their own backyard na SAT and TOEFL for them......for my land na this kind peeps dem dey call OKA MMA N'AMA :)


  1. So how does he want them to come back home????? Other countries are sending in flights to get citizens out... However GEJ here make a statement.

  2. thats Naija for you. All talk and no walk

  3. I laughed when I heard the news too. Why doesn't he do something about the war in his own backyard first?

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