Monday, January 31, 2011


So the presidential Candidate for the National conscience party (ha ha ...see party name ehh), Mr. Dele Momodu, in an interview, said that he would be resident. For the interview, my guy start to dey give us sermon whey someone like him should become Naija's leader due to his experience in journalism and all other bullcrap. Anyways below is a statement the Ovation Magazine owner made when asked "what is your message to the public?"

The message is don’t write off Dele Momodu, there is nothing God cannot do. There is no nation in the world that has lived perpetually in stupidity and backwardness and Nigeria is not going to be an exception by living perpetually in backwardness. I am very determined to carry along especially the young souls, the first time voters, those who have given up hope on Nigeria. I can tell you, we have a very big data base of youth corpers, of unemployed graduates. Like I have been telling all my friends in the media, you don’t have to declare support or endorse Dele on your front page, just give me my own quota.

I don’t have money, but I have good will. How come we want to die without seeing a better Nigeria? Why are we so intimidated by power that we will allow these people to use the same money they have stolen to oppress us?

The only person the oppressed fear in this life, is his oppressor and he will only hope by miracle that one day, God will also turn him into an oppressor. That must not be our case.

I like how optimistic and courageous this guy is. But doesnt it hurt to know that no matter what type of Obama-like speech he makes, this my guy will never even come close to being even a Vice President of Naija....One thing people dey 4get be say to get money dey different from getting power...levels dey nah...So Uncle Dele I would advice you to just stick to providing us with your interesting magazine, and we will be happy with you :)


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