Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Armed robbers in the early hours of yesterday allegedly bombed a new generation bank in Ayobo. It was gathered that the gunmen, numbering about 50, stormed the bank at about 1. 30a.m and operated for three hours. A visit to the bank showed that its bulletproof security doors were smashed with a powerful explosive. Also, three Automated Teller Machines (ATM) and the bank’s security post were wreaked by bullets and dynamites.
Sources revealed that the police have recovered one unexpended dynamite at the scene. 

It was gathered that immediately the robbers arrived the bank, they divided themselves into three groups. One group barricaded the road that led to the bank from Iyana-Ipaja; the second group blocked the road from the other end, while the third forced its way into the bank building. 

I'm just posting this cos everytime a robbery takes place for Naija (both the ones people saw and the ones nobody saw) a specific amount of number must be stated. So now me dey try figure out how people come up with these numbers/info.
First of all if everyone was indoors during this 1am robbery, who da heck estimated that the robbers were 50 in number? how dem take know say the robbers divided themselves into three groups?. Well I wont be surprised if one day, dem go even dey tell us the color of their shirt wey the robbers dey wear for that night, or their car plate number :( 
u never know what info to believe in Naija. 

FYI, our worthless police/touts were nowhere to be found during this operation that lasted for over 3hrs. (as usual) But if na to dey slap innocent people, or take their N50 toll fee, u go see them very present for there....silly ass clowns :)


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