Monday, January 17, 2011


U see this chimpy ehn, na one kind guy so....u just gotta admit that he is one very powerful, and funny guy as well (and did i 4get to add criminal). Anyways after the primaries which Atiku lost, everyone was obviously waiting to see what OBJ was going to say.. So they asked him what was his reaction to the outcome of the primaries...and my guy responded
"I'm laughing"
Remember this was the same statement he made last yr Nov. when Atiku emerged as the Northern consesus candidate. At then he told reporters
"I dey laugh"

“The Atiku Campaign Organisation assured all of them that the former Vice President still has a lot to offer and that this is not the time to write him off. *I’m laughing — Obasanjo However, Chief Obasanjo when asked to comment on the outcome of the PDP presidential primaries said what happened made him laugh.

Asked as he made to enter his car with number plate Abuja AZ 988 KWL whether he was still laughing, he said, “I am laughing.” He quickly entered the car and was driven away. The PDP BoT Chairman had on Thursday November 25, 2010 laughed over the emergence of former Vice President Atiku Abubakar as the Northern consensus candidate.

HA HA...this chimpy na just clown for real. I guess Atiku failed to realize that this power we hear of is being held by a very few men/women in Naija, and in order to get what u want, u just gotta be loyal to these criminals, if not u go just dey waste ur time and money.
So now the N8 Billion he spent in orther to emerge as the Norhtern candidate is all in just like that ohh.... this one no dey for "if i dont win, u will gimme back my money" business ......CHAI

But it just me, or is it only in Naija where Chimpazee dey laugh human being :(             ???????


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