Tuesday, January 25, 2011


HA HA HA....so this 19yr old Idris dude was just arrested for deceiving men and taking money from them. So luck ran out of him/her when he/she went to a bar ,and she/he caught one guys attention. So in the process of the guy trying to flirt with her/him, the guy somehow touched his/her boobs...only for a satchet of pure water just to fall out of her brazier
HA HA HA u see this our country Naija ehhn, nothing wey person no go see or hear ehh.

After being arretsed, my guy confessed that he's one of he numerous young men that poses as a lady in order to get money from men. But nawa oh. has it reached this level where people would do anything to get money? When people are so desperate for this money, they even tend to be so oblivious of the dangers that they might face. Imagine a man immediately finds out u got a ball sack just like he does, after he just makes out with u, or slept with you. Thats how a  lot of these type of dudes loose their life...... bcos of crap like this.

But I still dont know how guys could mistake this tout for a woman shaa. Even if na one crate of star wey i drink sef :(
Just take a good look at this crazy looking thing right here...WTF???


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