Monday, January 31, 2011


The National Union of True Igbo Movement (NUTIM) has flayed President Goodluck Jonathan over appointment of Bianca, wife of Chief Emeka Ojukwu as a Special Adviser on Diaspora when the former Head of State of the defunct Biafra Republic was still in a London Hospital.

During a news conference in Owerri yesterday, the President of NUTIM, Dr Samfo Nwankwo described the appointment as insensitive, morally wrong and insult to Ndigbo.

He urged President Jonathan to immediately withdraw the appointment unless he would want to create hatred for himself among the Igbos.

“How can you appoint the wife of such a great man as Special Adviser on Diaspora when she supposed to be by her husband’s bed side in the hospital?” Dr Nwankwo fumed.

SHEY UNA DEY SEE THAT THING WEY I BEEN DEY YARN ABOUT EALIER....i'm just a true genius jare.  I knew this thing was going to cause some type of controversy. How u go dey elect person wife when the husband dey for hospital for London. Come to even think about it, im be like say Uncle Goody been get im own personal personal reason for this appointment oh...una know what i mean nah ;)

Anyways but at the same time, why igbo peeps just dey make noise the end of the day its the woman they suppose to even dey ask some questions cos t the end of the day she's the one who accepted it. If not not, what stops here from coming out and telling GEJ "Thanks for the appointment Mr. Jonny, but i'm sorry i cannot accept it right now cos my Yori-Yori is sick and I need to be right next to him at all times during this period"...shikenah!!!

before i even 4get, WTF is this "National Union of True Igbo Movement sef"??? they trying to say that not all igbos out there are true igbos or what???..igbo peeps ehhn..una sabi carry things to another level juo :)


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  1. You know, no one would have raised an eyebrow if the roles were reversed and it was she who was in hospital. Maybe Ojukwu was the kind of man who did not need a woman waiting on him, hand and foot even when he was ill. Maybe he was proud of her, of her appointment and wanted her to be more than the former beauty queen that defied her parents and married a man almost thrice her age...

    Biko, leave the woman jare